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THS Clubs and Activities

Club Name

Mission (around 50 words or less)


Club President(s)

Meeting Days and Times

Location of Meetings

A Cappella Club

Consisting of 3 groups for women, men, and mixed. Students write arrangements and rehearse without teacher involvement. Performances at the concerts, coffee house, and possibly venues in town.

Jim Millar



Rm 126

American Sign Language Club (ASL)

The American Sign Language (ASL) Club strives to teach ASL to members and create a more inclusive environment. With this club, we hope to promote awareness and sensitivity to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Ms. Hampson

Arpi Halajian, Daniella Mor, Guy Persitz

D Days during lunch


Armenian Club

The Armenian Club at Tenafly High School serves to create an alliance amongst students of Armenian heritage, as well as students who wish to experience and immerse themselves in the rich Armenian culture. The Armenian Club aims to educate the Tenafly community on Armenian history, current events, and culture, as well as align themselves with other humanitarian and human rights groups.

Lucine Kinoian

Lucas Boudakian



Art Club

The Art Club provides an opportunity for artistically inclined students to create and further develop their talents. We will participate in local and national art contests and work on beatifying the school with several exhibits showing student work. Anyone with a passion for art should join!

Ms. Allen

Helen (Yuanning) Hui

Friday Lunch

Room 131

Badminton Club

To promote a club that is supportive, friendly, competitive, and encouraging for all members in their development of team spirit and fitness.

Emily Evanowski

Alexander Seo

Mondays after school

Main Gym

Badminton Club

To provide students with gym time to play badminton.

Agapi Schmarge

Alexander Seo, Kavya Chettur

Mondays, 3:15 pm


Bake for the Better

Bake for the Better’s purpose is to bake some sweet treats for senior citizens in Bergen county. We bring the treats to them and get a chance to spend time with them as well. It also gives others the chance to express their love for baking and to learn new things!

Ms. Johnson

Samantha Shanker

Every other Thursday after school 3'15 - 4:30

Rm 135

Ball 4 All Club

“A Ball 4 All” is a club that revolves around giving back to those who do not have the opportunity to play sports. In this club we will be doing many sports-related activities as well as charity events. These activities will help raise money for kids in need while having fun.


Eyal Mermelstein

Once a month on A day, during lunch



BASIC stands for Brothers And Sisters In Christ. We are a Christian-based club in THS that focuses on building community and creating safe spaces to discuss Christian culture. We hope to encourage and support our members in their emotional and spiritual health in order to build intimate relationships and stronger connections among students. In addition to this, we serve the greater community through community service activities, such as volunteering at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, camps for teens with disabilities, and more. We also hope to connect and work with other Christian groups and churches in the community.

Mr. Laux

Jocelyn Kim (25)

First Friday of every month

Room 113

Battlecode Club

In the Battlecode Club we learn more about computer science and Java in particular. We then apply that to competing in the MIT Battlecode Competition. Battlecode is a real-time strategy game, for which participants write an autonomous player. That player will need to strategically manage and control how your robots work together to defeat the enemy team.

Mr. Matthew Scanlon

Noah Jackson

Every other Tuesday at lunch

Room 229

Biology Club

The mission of the the Biology club is to:
1) Be a place to gather for students who love and are interested in Biology
2) Be a sponsor for club members to participate in the USABO, and other Biology related competitions.
3) Prepare for biology competitions
4) Promote and help club members apply biology into future biological careers.

Jeff Angus

Clara Lee

Once a week


Bob Ross Painting Club

The mission of the Bob Ross Painting Club is to offer a casual environment for people interested in following a Bob Ross painting tutorial and to provide an outlet for creativity and to relieve stress.

Ms. Griffin

Kate Situ

Once a month

Room 203

Book Club

To promote community through reading and to showcase diverse authorial voices.

Mr. Finn

Ella Bareket

Thursdays at Lunch

Room 217

Busking Club

"To bring positive energy to the community by providing a place where musicians in our school can perform music for others in the midst of daily life."

Mr. Finn

Seihuyn Lee

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 217

Chamber Music Club

The THS Chamber Music Club exists to provide students the opportunity to study and perform music in small groups. The club performs at the annual Mayor's Reception for New Residents, the Winter and Spring Concerts, and at area nursing homes and senior residences before the Christmas break. The club members also compete against other schools to perform at the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center's Young Musicians Concert at Alice Tully Hall.

Jim Millar


Wednesday afternoons

Rm 126

Chemistry Club

To promote interest and curiosity about the role of chemistry in our lives, and compete in the NJ Chemistry Olympics at NJIT––a hands-on academic competition in chemistry among NJ schools which includes chemistry and engineering research events, lab events, demonstration and model building events and more!

Anat Firnberg

Kayla Cheng and Tyler Jeong


rm 238

Chess Club

To promote the sport of chess, To improve our chess skills, To have healthy competition as well as friendly play, To participate in chess tournaments within the school as well against other schools/ clubs, To have fun!!!

Dylan Liu

Adityan Swaminathan

Thursdays at lunch

Room 147

Chinese Culture Club

The mission of Chinese Cultural Club at Tenafly High School is to create an inclusive community and promote Chinese culture awareness. We strive to educate our members on academic, artistic, social, political, and cultural issues related to the Chinese community. This organization promises to strengthen and improve our surrounding community.

Chia-Cheng Sung

Yuanning Hui

Monday (Lunch Time)


Clean our Waters club

We focus on the pollution of flotsam in the oceans and other bodies of water. We research and raise awareness about the plastic pollutions affecting the oceans.

Christine Osborn

Grace Chung

B days lunch


Coding Club

The mission of the coding club is to connect the coders in our school and create a community.

Alicia Sedlock

Benjamin Sandler & Ari Reitman

A Days at lunch (biweekly)

Room 221

Color Guard

Color Guard works with the Marching Band to provide a visual complement to the staged production during competitions and Football games in the fall season. In the winter the Color Guard creates a competitive indoor show to showcase in the local guard circuit as we continue to build skills and team sportsmanship

Jillian Rothstein

GiGi Ma Heekyoung Kim

Monday 6-9 Thursday 6-9 Saturday (Competitions)


Combating Anti-Semitism

The Combating Antisemitism Club aims to educate students about Israel and works to fight antisemitism. We encourage all THS students to get involved and help us to create a more equitable community for all. Using programs from StandWithUs, volunteer work from Jewish Federation, and information from a variety of speakers, the club will teach students how to recognize antisemitism and will broaden their perspective on worldly issues to prepare them for experiences that they may potentially encounter on college campuses.

Rachel Barker

Kelsey Goldman



Controversy Club

The mission of the Controversy Club is to debate current social topics in a safe and friendly environment. All are welcome to share their opinion and to listen with respect to the opinions of others.

Peggy Wissler

Johnny O'Connor

D days during lunch

Room 105

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club seeks to attract students who share a love for food and an interest in learning culinary skills. The club encourages students from different backgrounds for the purpose of learning about different cultures through sharing some of their traditional foods and culinary practices.

Colleen Johnson

Grace Chung, Kate Situ

1 mtg/week

Rm 135

Dance for Good

Establish dance clothes , shoes, etc. for the underprivileged

Ms. Capone

Sophia Silverman

Wednesdays - Room 140 lunch

Room 140


Business Competition College Prep Club


Sophie Lee, Jack Israel




The mission of The Echo is to provide a journalistic forum for the students of Tenafly High School.

Gary Whitehead

Junhyoung (Edward) Kim, Liam Tenenbaum, Charley Levine, Pablo Estua Carillo

D Days during lunch


Entomology Club

To promote the study of insects and the awareness of their importance to the ecosystem.

Mr. Finn

Edmund Hod, Annabelle Denniston

Mondays at Lunch

Room 217

Fairyale Club

To make the club the most meaningful, memorable, and magical to our Tiger Tots. Every time we meet, we will be doing different kinds of art, such as drawing, painting, making crafts, and much more than can excite everyone in our club. The most significant mission for this club is to create a special experience for our Tots, and for everyone that wants to help and create something magical.

Clarisa, Lescano Lopez

Kate Situ

B days - lunch


Future of Fashion

The Future of Fashion Club's mission is to spread and share ideas about current trends, vintage and alternative Fashion. Our main project is our magazine, which we will work on throughout the year, along with doing community service and club events. If you love or are interested in fashion, our club is a place where creative minds can come and work together.

Beatriz Pelaez-Martinez

Anna Rosato and Ava Selver

Fridays at lunch

Room 119

Girls Who Code Club

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization that aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science by equipping young women with the necessary computing skills to pursue 21st-century opportunities.

Mr. Gagliardotto

Ella Bareket

A days Lunch


Global Humanitarian Club

This club is a student-led humanitarian organization that aims to support global humanitarian issues through fundraising and education initiatives. Students in the club follow and investigate local and worldwide causes in need of humanitarian support and then organize activities, events, and fundraising efforts to help raise awareness and financial support to these causes.

Ms. Williams

Juliet Schwartz and Jordan Yanowitz

Every other Monday during the first half of lunch


Global Support for Women

Through this club, we hope to empower young women, educate people on domestic violence, and take part in volunteer opportunities at the Women’s Center in Englewood, New Jersey. We want to provide support for the women in our local area and throughout the globe.

Ms. Roux

Gabi Eimbinder and Blake Rubach


Room 107

Green Team

The THS Green Team fosters environmental awareness and promotes a more sustainable THS community. Our focus is on composting, collaborating on projects with the Tenafly Nature Center and Environmental Commission, and educating the community about the climate crisis.

Ms. Allen and Mr. Angus

Joie Evar & Adar Serok



GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

We provide a safe space for students and provide education to help students advocate for themselves.

Agapi Schmarge

Arpi Halajian and Jessica Lichtenstein

Fridays at Lunch

Room 202

Hiking Club

The mission of the club is to enjoy hiking day trips in a spirit of collegiality and research topics related to the environment.

Peggy Wissler

Ayla Uram


Room 105

Holistic Health Club

Holistic health is about caring for one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. In the Holistic Health Club, we increase our understanding of those needs and how they affect each other. Our mission is to promote self-care and a healthy lifestyle for THS students by decreasing stress or anxiety and limiting their harmful impact on our holistic health.

Ms. Oppedisano

Mira Shah

C days during lunch

Room 220


The Israeli Culture Club focuses on encouraging a vibrant celebration of our country’s rich heritage. Through engaging discussions on current events, joyful observance of Israeli holidays, lively games, and savoring delicious Israeli cuisine, we aim to savor a community where members can connect, learn, and enjoy the beauty of our culture. Join us in spreading the warmth and spirit of Israel.

Anat Firnberg

Yuval zur, Elad Litvin, Roy Hera


rm 238

Impact Ambassadors

To improve community morale with acts of kindness. Some of the activities will include charity donations (of our choice for local community such as shelters, fire dept, etc.) though bake sales, car washes, volunteering in food pantry, Willy Wonka Candy Sales with Golden Ticket winners, etc. Also, we will do acts of kindness like post a kind and positive note on freshmen lockers, sell stickers of semi-colons for mental health awareness, Teacher Appreciation, RESPECT week, etc.

Rosie Ribau

To be determined

To be determined


Impact Factor

Impact Factor is committed to creating an inclusive and mutual learning space that is driven by innovation, shared knowledge, and a growth mindset for interdisciplinary quality research papers to be published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals (e.g., Regeneron STS, Concord Review), and international magazines. We will also prepare for competitions.

Mr. Laux

Luke Oh, Colin Kim, Justin Byun

A days during lunch

Room 113

Indian Culture Club

The purpose of the Indian Cultural Club is to educate others about Indian culture while also creating a community for Indian students at THS. We aim to raise awareness about issues that face India and engage in projects and fundraisers to support these causes.


Mira Shah

A-days during lunch every other week


Interact Club

The Interact club is the youth branch of Rotary. The club encourages young people to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Club members establish connections with leaders in the community and around the world to make a difference and to have fun. A central focus is on organizing projects to help make the community a better place.

Aron Arvai

Winsten Lam

C day, lunch


International Student Advisory Board

The Tenafly International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) focuses on creating a safe and fun environment for new and/or international students. Members will be able to create new connections and friendships. The ISAB will also be in charge of activities that are related to cultural heritage months.

Jenny Ihn/Natalie Kohan

Edward Kim

Fridays during lunch


Italian Culture Club

The Italian culture club gathers students together who are all passionate about promoting and furthering their knowledge of the Italian culture.

Michael Vicchio

Jordyn Gaitman, Emma Kanefsky, Ruby Shultz and Brooke Belenson.

A Days at lunch.

Room 115 at Lunch

Japanese Cultural Club

To have fun while learning about Japanese Culture

Ms. Diaz

Maya Hyman



Key Club

To develop initiative and leadership • To provide experience in living and working together • To serve the school and community • To prepare for useful citizenship

Kelly Toale & Lisa Allen

Lydia Jung

Thursdays after school


Kids 4 Kids

Our club is dedicated to making a difference in kids' lives around the world. Simply put we are kids helping kids. We strive to give back to those who are less fortunate than us and need help. In the past we have started a children's library in Botswana, hosted a shoe drive and donated food and clothing to a domestic violence women's and children center.

Sra. Ribau

Sarah Fink

TO be determined (B/C Days at lunch)

Room 118

Knitting Club

Find Strategies for mindfulness and handle the stress of academic learning in collaborative setting with people who enjoy knitting/crocheting. Teach basic skills needed to knit/crochet. Use knitting/crochet skills towards small projects and donate to homeless shelters/hospitals in NY/NJ

Aparna Subramaniam

Ed Hod



Korean Cultural Club

At the Korean Cultural Club of Tenafly High School, our mission is to foster a deep appreciation for Korean culture, heritage, and traditions within our diverse school community. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming space where students from all backgrounds can come together to explore, celebrate, and learn about the rich tapestry of Korean history, language, art, and customs.

Sra. Kim

Emily Kim

D days-Lunch Period

Room 120

Kpop X Tigers Club

To promote the immersion of Korean culture and music into Tenafly High School and provide a safe space for people of all backgrounds to come together and share a common love for K-pop. dance choreography together, according to a set schedule. Then, we will perform the dances learned at events within and outside Tenafly High School.

Sra. Kim

Olivia Kee and Somin Lee

C Days during Lunch Period

Room 120

Let's Get Psyched

Our club aims to reduce the stigmas surrounding mental health and provide an open environment for Tenafly students to discuss teen-related issues. We hope that students will have a better understanding of themselves after our meetings where we discuss topics related to mental health and psychology. At our club, we sponsor donation events, facilitate self-care exercises, and seek initiatives like Wellness Day to improve the school's wellness. Anyone is welcome!

Soobin Jeong

Kayla Cheng



Made with Love

Our mission is to cheer up children in the hospitals through toys, gift baskets, and letters. We want to make sure that for every holiday, kids that have to spend it in the hospital will know that someone is thinking of them. By raising money through bake sales, we will purchase specific toys and put together baskets to put a smile on the children's faces.

Sra. Ribau

Jemma Bienenfeld and Rori Kramon

D Days at Lunch

Room 118


The Madrigal Festival has been held annually in December since 1986. The club is formed around putting on this production, with scripts, costumes, lighting, and lots of singing. The club also goes caroling to all the TPS schools right before Christmas break. Money from ticket sales goes toward a scholarship that is awarded to a student or students who have contributed the most to this activity during their time at THS.

Jim Millar


Fridays after school

Rm 126


Our objectives throughout the year are to promote, fund, and nurture these businesses and NPOs so that they grow and are prepared for the marketplace event.

Yi Hu

Itai Shargian

Lunchtime on Thursday

room 103

Math Club

The mission of the Math Club is to enjoy and investigate solving techniques for complex math problems. Students solve problems together during weekly meetings and compete in contests after school on a monthly basis.

Peggy Wissler

Alon Danai, Yejun Lee

Friday lunch or after school

room 105

Medical Students of the Future

This club will help students interested in the medical field gain valuable insights and experiences into the world of medicine.

Keith Devereaux

Kavya Chettur

E-Days during lunch


Mock Trial

Our mission is to educate our members on the American legal system to the point where they will be able to compete in a formal mock trial, and hopefully continue down this path to having a job related to law.

Ms. Dakota Griffin

Farrah Israel, Won-Hee Cho

Once a month during lunch


Model UN

Through public speaking, critical thinking, and in-depth research, the Model UN experience allows students to cultivate skills and enrich their global affairs knowledge.

Ms. McKinnon

Jemma Bienenfeld Emma Darche

Lunch C Days

Rm 225

Neuroscience and Science Bowl Club

The overarching goal of the Science Bowl and Neuroscience Club is to promote interest
in STEM by creating a fun environment for students to further their knowledge in all branches of science and mathematics. Students will be encouraged to explore a variety of scientific disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Astronomy, and aspects of neuroscience, preparing them for the National Science Bowl Competition and International Brain Bee competition. In club meetings,
students will study the topics assessed on the Science Bowl and Brain Facts and participate in a fast-paced, Quiz Bowl-style practice competition. Ultimately, we aim to educate students about the interdisciplinary nature of science and its applications within our world.
The club also intends to initiate activities to boost knowledge of the human brain and mental health awareness in the THS community by collaborating with other clubs and organizations.

Aparna Subramaniam

Andrew Lee and Ria Hirawat



Olympic Committee

Plan and execute Olympics XLV

Ms. Barker, Mrs. Haggerty, Ms. Zanoria

Erica Ruiz, Amber Lee, and Alexa Cuesta

Wednesdays after school

226 in the fall, Pitt after December break


"Omega" is THS's annual literary and art magazine. All work is student-created, workshopped, and edited. We accept writing of various genres as well as visual art compositions of all forms.

Lauren Malanka

Ella Bareket

"C" Days during lunch


PAW Club

Paw club gathers students together who are all passionate about helping and saving animals. Our mission is to help out our nearby animal shelters, raise money to donate to our local shelters, and share our passion for helping pets.

Michael Vicchio

John O'Connor

Day: ? Time: Lunch

Room 115

Perspective Club

The Perspective clubs aims to bring well known individuals from the professional workplace to THS for interviews. The goal is to gain a perspective of their lives, their fields and how they got to where they are. Past speakers have been Tracy Wolfson, celebrity chef Josh Capon and NJ housewives star Jackie Goldschneider.

Samuel Ahn-Cooper

Amanda Capon and Gabi Eimbinder

every 2 weeks during lunch


Photography Club

The photography club's mission is to expand the creative vision of the photographers in THS by creating and sharing photos, participating in school events, and representing the artistic vision of the school.

Emily Evanowski


D Days during Lunch


Physics Club

Physics Club's mission is to allow students to explore Physics and its applications (ie. engineering, research). Members also have the opportunity to prepare for and participate in physics and engineering events such as the TEAMS engineering and science competition at the 9-10th grade level and the 11-12th grade level.

Claudia Barone

Derek Cho

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 233

Robotics Club

The mission of the robotics club is to utilize the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition. The First Tech Challenge competition requires roughly 100 hours of build and programming time and students and coach will attend all day saturday tournaments a season. Also to promote interest in STEM and gain more experience in a collaborative setting. Members will be working through the design process by brainstorming, testing, and constructing a robot.

Mr. Hubbard

Kai Song

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school

Room 145

Rocketry Club

The Rocketry Club will compete in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) ( from December to April. During the club meetings we will be in multiple groups; designing, simulating and researching our rocket.

Mr. Gagliardotto

Ben Dreyer, Nathan Goldberg

D days Lunch



Fundraising for children with disabilities

Mr. Petrozzo

Madelyn Schwarz and Sophia Endick

Thursdays during Lunch

Room 134

Science Olympiad

To increase student interest in science and engineering and to provide recognition for
outstanding science achievement. Club members prepare and compete in the Science Olympiad tournament - a rigorous academic interscholastic competition. The events draw from biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, engineering and require knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications.

Aparna Subramaniam and Dylan Liu

Andrew Lee, Derek Cho



Senior Homes Volunteering Club

The purpose of this club is to volunteer at a local senior home, Sunrise Cresskill. All members of the club will strive towards contributing to the community, learning to help others, and achieving real life skills outside of the school.

Denise Kuehner

Audrey Chan and Heeseo Yoon

first C day of each month during lunch


Service Dog Club

The service dog club is meant to inform students about the process of training services dogs and what they do. In addition, the students meet the service dogs and host fundraisers for the CCI Organization.

Ms. Eastwood

Sarah Fink

Once a month during lunch.


Ski Club

The Ski Club at Tenafly High School is open to all students. Although the Ski Club started years ago strictly for skiing, a number of students that go on the trips have now taken up snowboarding!
Each year, the ski club goes on one - two trips scheduled on the calendar. This year the club is going to Hunter Mountain in January. Registration for each of these trips is announced in school during the weeks leading up to the day. Forms are available during our meetings.
Typically the Ski Club takes day trips to Hunter, Windham, Butternut and even Okemo in Vermont.
Students registering for the Ski Trips must have their own equipment and helmets. Be sure to listen for announcements as the Ski Trips approach to get more detailed information!

Mr. Koehler

Meghan Koehler - (new one at our first meeting)

First Tuesday of every month

Main Gym

SLAM (may be modified later)

Slam Club's mission is to create a safe and fun environment in Tenafly High School for students to write, workshop, and perform.

Ms. Eastwood

Annabelle Denniston

Lunch time - Day TBA

Room 128

Spanish Club

To expand the club as well as help people learn about the hispanic/latin culture

Clarisa, Lescano Lopez

Alexa Cuevas

C days - Lunch


Spikeball CLub

The Spikeball Club hosts Spikeball tournaments throughout the school year with varying prizes. Whether you are a beginner or pro there is a place for everyone to enjoy and have a good time.


Zachary Shammash

every other week after school on Tuesdays


Sports Analytics

We are the THS Sports Analytics club. This club is an opportunity for one to learn and examine how analytics are involved in sports. Members of the sports analytics club will learn how to analyze data, improve upon their knowledge in sports analytics, including projections, statistics, and follow the statistics of the certain sport we are focusing on. One activity that we do is fantasy sports leagues throughout the year (including fantasy football).

Sra. Ribau

Zach Shammash

To be determined (B/C Days at lunch)

Room 118

Stand Up To Cancer

Awareness is the first step for anything such as treatments and donations to happen. Our club has mission to raise awareness in Tenafly High School and to raise funds to accelerate the pace of translational cancer research that can get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. Our school activities will raise awareness in THS student body and help them to be engaged in cancer awareness in daily life.

Rachel Lieberman

Jordyn Gaitman & Ruby Shultz

Lunch rotating days



The STEM club is a place where students can explore ideas around science and technology. The THS Engineering room can be utilized to safely allow students to create, design, repair and have other experiences around STEM.

Mr. Hubbard

Alex Ioffe

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Lunch

Room 145

Stock Market Club

The mission of the Stock Market Club is educate
members on how the stock market operates and learn to
trade stocks in real time.

Richa Agrawal

Jack Israel and Noah Rubach

Wednesdays at Lunch


Story Theory Club

We meet regularly to discuss the stories we love and/or are writing, focusing on things such as tropes, structure, and just what makes a story compelling to read. We hope to be able to inspire people to write their own stories.

Mrs. Malanka

Katarina Lambert



Swiftie Club

The Swiftie Club provides a platform for students across all grade levels who share an appreciation for the musical artistry of Taylor Swift. Our goal is not only to analyze the lyrics and messages of her songs, but also to engage in activities that resonate with her as both a musician and as a person. We will participate in the fan-initiated practice of making and sharing friendship bracelets to spread positivity around Tenafly High School. Above all, we strive to create an inclusive environment where people can discuss their love of the global superstar Taylor Swift without judgment.

Caroline Krueger

Joie Evar and Jemma Bienenfeld

The 13th of every month during lunch

Room 219

Tech Crew

We provide the support for all of our performing arts and other productions - building and painting sets, lighting, sound, stage management and all other technical elements.


none yet



Tenafly Philosophy Club

The Tenafly Philosophy Club offers students a space to explore big questions, and share ideas with like minded peers.

Mr. Oppedisano


Lunch periods, date TBD


The Jewish Student Union

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) program is a Jewish not-for-profit organization that operates in communities throughout North America, South America, and Israel. Open to all students regardless of religious background, JSU clubs facilitate students’ pride in their own heritage and cultural understanding with friends and neighbors within the school community. Currently in nearly 200 high schools in North America, JSU facilitates Jewish “culture clubs” featuring interactive activities, holiday- related programs, engaging discussions on Jewish values, and leadership and social action opportunities.

Kosher pizza, holiday foods, or other snacks are served at each club meeting, typically held at lunchtime, contributing to the comfortable setting and low-barrier format of the club. Students attending JSU programs typically report that club meetings become a highlight of their schedule; they develop a deeper appreciation for diversity and inclusivity, and frequently pursue leadership positions and social justice causes both in their schools and in the broader community.

Rachel Barker

not sure

Tuesdays first half of lunch


The Soup Kitchen Club

The goal of the club is to provide easier access to volunteering opportunities for students who have the desire and capability to help those in need. We contact shelters who have already set up wonderful volunteer establishments to offer our assistance. We offer our hands to help aid with whatever they need including serving food, spreading awareness in our community and raising money.

Ms. Roux

Grace Chung


Room 107

The Stock Market Club

The mission of the Stock Market Club is educate members on how the stock market operates and learn to trade stocks in real time.

Richa Agrawal

Noah Rubach

C Days Lunch


The Tenafly Futsal Club

The Tenafly Futsal Club is dedicated to teaching the game of futsal and improving technical skills imperative to soccer, while creating a friendly environment for people of all grades and genders.


Santiago Salazar

bi-monthly on Mondays after school

an available gym


UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, and our club’s mission is to encourage and teach our community, through education, advocacy, and fundraising, the resources and skills to be beneficial global citizens. It promotes thinking on a global scale about how to be the voice for children in need while remaining local.

Ms. Oppedisano

Ava Donevan and Katelyn Liu

B days during lunch

Room 220

THS Debate Club

To engage in policy debate and improve our debate skills and knowledge about current topics in the world.

Ms. Diaz

Edward Kim




To educate students on Basic Life Support (BLS) protocol through activities and mini presentations and how to obtain EMT, EMR, and CPR certifications. We ultimately hope to encourage students to become EMR/EMT certified and join the Tenafly Volunteer Ambulance Corps (TVAC) to serve their community.

Denise Kuehner

Mira Shah

D days during lunch


THS Future Educators Association of NJ

Opportunities to engage in volunteer work with children for those interested in future careers in early-childhood education and related fields.

Mr. Petrozzo

Francesca Ponzio and Diana Rosen


Room 134

THS History Club

To utilize our history knowledge in a competitive environment

Ms. Diaz

Daniel Israeli Miller



THS Social Activism Club

A student-led organization focused on raising awareness regarding social justice issues and related activism opportunities.

Mr. Petrozzo

Emma Darche and Joie Evar


Room 134

THS Tutoring CLub

We offer free hw help and assistance to Tenafly residents who are in Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Our tutors get community service hours for the time spent attending our weekly sessions.

Beatriz Pelaez-Martinez

Francesca Ponzio

Tuesdays in the THS Library 3:30-5:00

THS Library

Ultimate Frisbee

Play ultimate, have fun, make friends, learn sportsmanship and skills, excercise

Tom Hutchinson

Ella Bareket


outside or in gym depending

Unified Champions Club

The Unified Champion Club is part of the many Unified Schools under Special Olympics, an organization that creates inclusive sports training for adults and children with special needs. UCC promotes inclusion by organizing game days for the Tenafly special needs community and UC club members will model youth leadership to the younger students in the school district and engage with them in a socially inclusive manner.

Ms. Williams

Anna Buchanan

B days during the first half of lunch

Room 116

Vegan Club

Our mission is to make veganism and vegetarianism more accessible for students in this town, especially in this high school, using a gentle, nonjudgmental way.

Denise Kuehner

Shira Sternlicht

Wednesdays after school


Video Game Club

The Video Game Club is a club where students can participate in playing a variety of games they enjoy in a safe, non-judgemental environment with other students
who share the same interest.

Mr. DeVries

Simon Hsieh

Thursdays after school 3:11-4:30

Room 114

Women's Empowerment Club

The Women's Empowerment Club's mission is to empower and inspire the women of THS. During the year we will be talking about women's issues and planning events that help address those issues. All genders are welcome.

Cristina Cutrone

Farrah Israel & Eden Garrett

Monthly Wednesday during lunch

Room 208

Young Democrats

The Young Democrats seek to uphold the principles of the U.S. Constitution and traditions of responsible, compassionate governance personified by Democrats past and present.

A broad-based, youth-led grassroots political organization. The purpose of this club is to provide an outlet for political expression, to provide educational opportunities on the issues that matter to you, to organize community and public service events and to mobilize in support of Democrats in and seeking office at all levels.

Mrs. Malanka

Edmund Hod