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Grade 12 English Curriculum

Twelfth graders take Senior English CPB, Senior English CPA, or if recommended, Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition. Students enrolled in the CPA course will select from the range of rigorous and engaging offerings in the registration listing. Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition students are responsible for reading a number of works during the summer preceding their senior year. Students enrolled in this course are required to take the Advanced Placement examination in May of the senior year.
As an outgrowth of their previous writing experiences, all seniors are required to write an extended and researched essay which voices and develops a cohesive commentary on an appropriate topic. This requirement is fulfilled in conjunction with the course work at all levels. Advanced Placement students submit their term essay during the spring semester. Advanced Placement students who are also enrolled in a senior elective are expected to meet the term essay requirement for that elective. These students may consult with both their elective and their Advanced Placement teachers to establish a common basis for their semester essays.